Palm Events in Japan

Hi, I'm 'Palm Ninja'.

In the last mission,
I mentioned that we have many Palm User Groups in Japan.
And we have many meetings of Palm User Groups, too.

Except them, we have had some big events for Palm Users,


Palmware and Goodz Contest

The first large one was on-line.

In the summer-autumn of 1998,
the famous news sites for Palm in Japan;
"Palmfan "(Mr.Hirose) and "FPalm "(Mr.Minotan) co-produced
the first software and goods contest only for PalmOS machine in the world.
Its name was "Palmware and Goodz Contest ".

Many great products was debut in it.

In them, we could find
the first remote control palmware for the electric machines in the world.
Its name was "Remoconcon for Palm III ".

And we could find the two useful application launchers;
"Quick Launcher " and "LaunchMenu ",


a cool game; "PullPom! ",

hi-tech styluses; "Stabo3 " and "SUS ", and so on!

The final result was that the Palm game software that simulated
a Japanese classic game got the Grand Championship!
Its name was "KOIKOI ".


Makuhari-Project '99

The second large one was off-line in Feb 20, 1999.

The event that was called as "Makuhari-Project '99"
was hold being connected with "Mac World EXPO '99 in Tokyo".

Mr.Uriu proposing the first meeting of Palm Users in Japan,
30 ladies and gentlemen gathered together in KANDA(TOKYO).



Half an year after that event,
we experienced the thrid large one off-line, too.

The event that was called as "PUXPO '99 "
was hold being connected with "World PC EXPO '99 in Tokyo"
in Sep 11, 1999.

The volunteer Palm users team that Mr. Kentaro had controled proposed it.
And more than 200 Palm Users gathered together in MAKUHARI(CHIBA).
Still more, Mr.Street (Palm Comuputing,,Inc.Vice President),
Rob Haitani (Handspring, Inc) joined it, too!

And now Japanese Palm Users have kept such enthusiasm!

Bye Now!