User Groups in Japan

Hi, I'm 'Palm Ninja'.

How many Japanese Palm User Groups do we have?
In fact, we have 28 Japnese Palm User Groups.

The following map show the local User Groups.
From Hokkaido to Okinawa,
and suprisingly we have 2 Japanese Palm User Groups in U.S.A.

Except the above local Users Groups,
we have many other kind of User gourps,

Ex, Palm Users Group that love music, astronomy,
only for students, or ladies and so on!

If you want to know the details of them,
check this page!

By the way, how many Palm User Groups
do we have in the world?

In the colored country in the above world map,
I've recognized Palm Users Groups.

Palm Ninja is hoping more and more Palm Users Groups will be born!


Bye Now!



Hi, I'm 'Palm Ninja'.

By the way, "PUG-J" was established at 2000.2.19!

But "PUG-J" is a union that all Japanese User Groups for Palm formed.

It was run by the volunteers of the chairmans of several Palm Users Groups.
Since then "PUG-J" has taken care of all Japanese Palm User Groups in Japan
and I that had taken care of them had become only the observer of it.


"PUG-J": http://pugo.fishbone.jp/pugj/
(The Mediator of it: Ryouji Uriu <uriu@fishbone.tm>


Bye Now!