Hi, I'm 'Palm Ninja'.

Have you seen the new colorful iMac series that were released in MacWorld EXPO?
They are cooool and I want them very much!

If Steve Jobs has made Palm, you would have get the following ones.
Do you like them?

I made the above picture using Photoshop and
the picture of the real PalmIII that exsits in Japan.
Its name is 'iPalm' that Mr.Sharming made.
You can see it in the Palm/Pilot Museum.

-Palm/Pilot Info from Japan-

Palm/Pilot Museum:
"Palm/Pilot Museum" is Lady Pochi's museum
that the pictures of your remodeled Palm/Pilots are displayed.
If you have a cute or cool Palm/Pilot that you remodeled
and you want to show it to anyones,
you should send the picture of it to here?

Bye now!