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I's Icons

This is my icon archive.
All of them are freeware. Please download them freely.
If you are a user of Macintosh and have free time,
Please check my icons.
You can download them without a fee.
This site is written by English & Japanese.

I released the first icon package of Palm III in the world!

And I did the first icon package of PowerBook G3 in the world, too!

I've released the Macintosh icon packages for Palm/Pilot users.
And now, I present you the Windows versions of them (.ICO format).


I released the icon package of PowerMac G3 MT series, at last!


I released the icon package of PowerMac G3 DT series, at last!

I released the icon package of PowerMac G3 Blue series, at last!

2400 Icon

Palm III / MonoBox02 / Alphabet x4 / AppleExternal HD / Jaz
Pilot Apps 1st / Palm Pilot 1.1 / Zaurus PI-8000 / PowerBook 2400 1.1
MonoBox01 / Pilot Apps 4th / Pilot Apps 3rd / Pilot Apps 2nd
MobileShuttle / Alphabet Pastel / PowerBook 3400 / PowerBook 1400
PowerBook 5300 / PowerBoo Duo 2300 / PowerBook Duo 280C
PowerBook Duo 280 / PowerMac8100 / SONY SMD /
PowerZaurus / IBM WorkPad /
PowerBook G3 /
PowerMac G3 MT / PowerMac G3 DT ...etc.

I's Palm Pilot Icons 1.1 for Win / I's PalmPilot Apps Icons for Win /
I's PalmPilot Apps 2nd Icons for Win / I's PalmPilot Apps 3rd Icons for Win /
I's PalmPilot Apps 4th Icons for Win / I's WorkPad Icons for Win /
I's Palm III Icons for Win

Palm Air Line

This page is the entertainment magazine
for the all users of PalmPilot!
But, only Japanese!

Poems in Trouble

This section shows you the "Poems in Trouble".
What are "Poems in Trouble"?
When you read them, you'll laugh in trouble.
I'm collecting "Poems in Trouble".
It's my collection ot them.
But, only Japanese!
(But I can't translate them to English.
So I'm waiting for the man that want
to translate them and can do it.)


I's Icons Japanese & English


Palm Air Line Japanese only


Poems in Trouble Japanese only


I's DATA House Japanese only



Sorry, Almost of this site is written by only Japanese!

(The other of it is written by terrible English!)
Because I'm a Japanese and was not a good student
at the English classes in my school days.
Now I regret that.
Repentance comes too late.
We never see the preview of repentance,
look like the check of my credit card.
Perhaps, we never see the preview of proverb, too.
Untill a proverb comes true, we will suppose that
proverbs must be the words of pessimists.
By the way, why do I write about proverbs?
It's meaningless.
Oh, my Buddha!
Repentance comes too late.

Do you dare to go to Japanese Page?......

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